Andre Perim: Xamã


Andre Perim
[ Brazil ]

Xamã (Shaman) is a sound work produced in 2018 dedicated to the Brazilian indigenous people. It was composed and produced during the burning of the rain forest in 2019. The world Xamã is related to the people who care about the earth and is present in several cultures around the world. Indigenous people are centered in the figure of pajé. Xamã starts with a robotic call for the several tribes still alive in the Brazilian forests and ends up with the dramatic sounds alluding to alarms and electronic chainsaw creating a dystopic soundscape.

There have been several drastic burnings affecting the rain forest in Brazil since 2017. Now, in 2021 people are facing serious consequences such as the increase of the dread season, floods and unexpected sandstorms. Unfortunately, Brazil had changed its environmental politics in the last years, moving from a sustainable relation with the natural resources to an aggressive exploitation.

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  • Medium: Music/Sound work
  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Year Produced: 2018

Andre Perim

Independent Musician, Composer and Multimedia Artist

Andre Perim is a Multimedia Artist, Musician and Composer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, his work is focused in a critical view of the relation between technology and language in the digital era. His work was screened in several festivals around the world such as Digital Art Festival 2019(Bulgaria), Forum of Video-Art 2019(Saudi-Arabia), ADAF (Athens Digital Art Festival) (Greece) 2020, CICA Museum (Korea) 2020/21, etc. In 2020, he received a review in a special edition of ART HABENS Contemporary Art Review Magazine.

As a Musician-Composer, he has released three albums- “Dágua” (2014), and “ Dágua ao vivo” (2018) and “Side Effects”. The last one is based on the work produced for the internet during a long period inside a hospital due to a cancer disease treatment. This work opened new possibilities regarding online artist expression as well as creative uses of electronic soundscapes, silence, and noise. In 2020, he produced “XAM”, dedicated to the indigenous Brazilian people, composed during the burning of the Amazonian rain forest in 2019. In 2020, his composition “COAGULATION” was awarded by the site SoundSilenceThought.

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